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Psychotherapists & Counselors in Western Massachusetts

"It takes two to tell the truth: One to say it and another to hear it."
-- Henry David Thoreau

Practitioner Practice Location
Stefan Gonick, MA Westhampton, MA (near Northampton)
No Enemies Within -- Rapid change using Experiential Psychotherapies to recover our joy and effectiveness -- It's never too late to be who we might have been.
Susan Marie Iellamo Northampton, MA
Integrative Therapy utilizing traditional and intuitive approaches including Body-centered, Movement and Psychospiritual Healing and Counseling; Gestalt Couples Therapy; Somato-Respiratory Integration; Transformational Breath and Energy Healing.
Bruce Brown, Ph.D. Amherst, MA
Integrative Psychotherapy combines insight of talk therapy with depth learning that springs from right-brain processes: deep body/emotion tension release; creative enactments; visualization; centering.
Pamela Jeffreys Amherst, MA
Presence centered process to explore the layers of the experience of being. Meet and face through obstacles to awareness and wholeness. Relationship counseling for individuals.
Susan Hannibal Vista, California
Sue's accurate and detailed intuitive readings, done in person or by phone, reveal emotional traumas and negative beliefs at the root of current physical and emotional illness. The readings, done "cold" knowing only the client's name and age, form a detailed blueprint for healing.
Nancy Billias, MA Northampton, MA
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides a form of intense, attentive listening designed to draw out the answers that lie within you. Come set yourself free!
High Street Therapy Associates, Inc. Amherst, MA
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Ross Hackerson - Healing Arts Center Northampton, MA
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Gestalt Institute of the Berkshires Richmond, MA (near Stockbridge)
Twenty years experience as therapist, clinical supervisor, and director of training. Nationally recognized as one of the leading Gestalt therapists in the Northeast.
The Synthesis Center Amherst, MA
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Sandra Boston de Sylvia Greenfield, MA
Midwife of Empowerment -- In therapy, training lab, the woods or Board Room, asking "What do you want to create?" and helping you make it happen.

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