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Do you wish to maximize your physical, mental and emotional health?
Do you suffer from a chronic, serious or life-threatening illness?
Are you willing to make a commitment of time and energy to help yourself
through the use of an easy-to-learn ancient Chinese practice?

Qigong is the art of developing the internal life-force of the body for health, strength, mind training and spiritual development. It has been continually practiced and refined in China for 5000 years.

Qigong Classes
Chi-Lel Qigong - has been used to successfully treat over 180 different illnesses at the Huaxia Qigong Center in China, including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. This is the recommended beginner's class at the Qigong Center. Dragon-in-the Woods Qigong - warm-up exercises and The Eight Brocades and Healing Sound. Stretches and strengthens muscles and tendons in limbs and back, deepens breathe, enhances lymphatic circulation. Releases stagnant energy from organs.
Dragon-in-the Field Qigong (advanced Taoist Meditation technique) -leads the chi deeper into the body to clear energy blockages, invigorate the organs and blood producing ability of the bones. Flying Dragon Qigong (advanced) - to both concentrate the energy in the body and release blockages, tension, and stress leaving the body alert and fresh.
Women's Qigong Workshop - qigong exercises beneficial for women of any age and physical condition. To help in the prevention of breast cancer, reduce distress of PMS, restore hormonal balance, nourish internal organs, create a healthy menopause. Men's Qigong Workshop - qigong exercises beneficial for men in promoting the health of the prostate gland and sexual function.
Qigong Self-Healing Therapy Intensive Program - For people with either a serious illness or the desire to maximize their physical and mental health. 9-15 hours of qigong practice and chi therapy per week using all the above exercises. Chi Therapy - life force is directed through the hands of the practitioner to the patient to enhance one's natural healing ability and balance and increase energy flow.

Classes taught by Collin Ricketts, Director of the Northampton Qigong Center. He has studied eastern disciplines for 28 years, exclusively qigong for the last five years with 12 qigong teachers and masters. He began teaching qigong in 1995 and has been certified as a ChiLel instructor by Master Luke Chan. Senior students at the Center will assist when needed.

What can you do to heal yourself and prevent further illness? Qigong is a true mind/body method that combines movement, breath, and awareness. It stimulates and strengthens the natural functioning of the body and mind, reduces stress and yields immediate self-healing results.

Qigong can easily be learned by anyone
regardless of one's physical condition.

Private Lessons Are Available.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation call (413) 584-1414.

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