Healing Arts Center
Ross Hackerson, MA, Director

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Individual & Group Therapy
Emotional/Compulsive Eating
Weight Management
Healthy Lifestyle Management Seminars

Northampton, MA
(413) 587-0403


The Healing process is an adventure and a journey. Each of us must come to terms with our physical, emotional and spiritual reality. We are "spiritual beings having a physical experience."

I offer you caring, nurturing and sensitive stability, support and guidance in your healing process: light and hope AND the tools and expertise you need through a variety of healing modalities.

My orientation is Gestalt Process and Body Oriented Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Direct and Ericksonian hypnosis. I work with the idea that your "inner life" created through your emotional, physical and spiritual history is the largest determinant of your present life situation. You can change now.


ROLFING works with posture, physical pain and difficulty: whiplash from an auto or sports accident, surgery, the aging process or illness. Athletes and dancers appreciate ROLFING for flexibility, balance and coordination. Others use ROLFING to access emotional areas. Some personal injury insurance is accepted.

"Unlike many "quick-fix" approaches, Rolfing is a process, not a product. One
is empowered to discover and experience the innate strength
and freedom of the body, and the deeper feelings
which are woven into its matrix.

I can personally testify to the expert skills of Ross Hackerson, who combines
truly professional understanding with wise and sensitive insight. Under his
care, I have achieved a sense of bodily well-being and structural integrity
which previously eluded me, despite years of investment in
other therapies and techniques."
Patricia Kaminski, co-director, The Flower Essence Society

"I have found the Rolfing work of Ross Hackerson to be one of the most
powerful transformational processes I have experienced.... Thanks to Ross's
work, my body is starting to feel a lot more relaxed and alive, and people tell
me that I seem more physically and emotionally present.
Richard Katz, co-director, The Flower Essence Society


If you are interested in being in control of whatever and whenever you put something in your body -- if you have an interest in discovering more of who you are, developing your self esteem and self confidence, working through problems, emotional difficulties or stress while managing your emotional/compulsive eating and weight -- this comprehensive program will help you.

HYPNOSIS AND HYPNOTHERAPY: Psychotherapy, Individual and Group Therapy

ISSUES AND AREAS in which you can get help include habit control & stopping smoking; life style management issues: diet and stress related disorders from Obesity to Diabetes II, Heart disease, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia; study habits, emotional & compulsive eating, fears & phobias, personal and relationship difficulties.

About ROSS HACKERSON, MA. Director of the Healing Arts Center and North East Health Institutes

"I've been studying and practicing psychotherapy and hypnosis since 1967; Rolfing since 1976. I've been through these processes myself, working with my own physical and emotional difficulties and conflicts.
I'm open and approachable, please call me, we'll talk.

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