Integrative Psychotherapy


Bruce McDougall Brown, Ph.D.

"I repeatedly experienced myself as larger, richer, more powerful, more loving, more fully awake than I previously had." -a social worker client

Integrative Psychotherapy combines the insight and understanding of talk-based therapy with the imagination, intuition and passion of right-brained learning. These forms include creative visualization, expressive release of emotional/physical tension and explorative enactments of life scenarios. Therapy thus acquires the power of living experience.

Proven Helpful For What Conditions? Self-doubt, anxiety, depression and associated physical symptoms such as tension, fatigue, insomnia, sexual blockage and various chronic ailments. Trauma and loss. Debilitation from repressed anger, fear and grief . Weak self assertiveness and limited communication skills. Intimacy difficulties. Life transitions. Loneliness/confusion. A sense that life could be MORE.

Therapeutic Approaches Used: I offer a warm, supportive and gently challenging approach to personal growth, tailored to fit your needs and temperament. My office is spacious and comfortable, and confidentiality is assured. Together we will shape an effective holistic therapy for you that selectively focuses on whichever elements listed below that may be relevant and valuable for you.

Benefits: Clients have reported increased vitality, confidence and happiness. Relationships have flowered and sexual intimacy deepened. There have been many reports of chronic aches and ailments disappearing. Attention freed from former inner turmoil becomes available for heightened concentration, creativity and productivity in many areas of life. People have expressed a clearer sense of purpose and life direction. A client wrote: "Maybe the most important thing that therapy gave me was myself."

The Therapist: I am a licensed therapist in practice 23 years. I have trained in Neo-Reichian (mindbody) Therapy, Family Therapy, Ericksonian Image/Metaphor Therapy, Deep-Tissue Body Work, and Energy Balancing. I have taught Mindbody Therapy at the University of Massachusetts, directed Integrative Training Programs for therapists, and conducted workshops in various parts of the United States and England. I have deep faith in the essential goodness within each person.

Services Offered:

Most insurance is accepted

Please call 413-549-7166 for low cost, confidential, initial consultation.

My office is in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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