-Marriage Counseling-

Bruce McDougall Brown, Ph.D.
Pamela Jeffreys

Our Purpose

We offer you guidance, safety and caring support in working through sensitive or troubling relationship issues. Together you can examine feelings, belief systems, communication styles, life-management modes, gender roles, intimacy needs and "imprints" from the past. You will come to a deeper and more compassionate understanding of yourself and your partner. And you will learn new relating skills useful in negotiating sensitive issues amicably. Fostered is a willingness to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE , as allies, a successful and happy relationship.

Issues We Can Help You With

Our Approach

The conscious communication modes that we encourage provide alternatives to blaming, argument, put-downs and withdrawal.

Approaches used during a session are shaped to meet your needs and preferences. Activities may include: Discussion - role plays - reflective feedback - "presencing" - safely guided feeling releases - non-verbal "sculpting" of issues - appreciations - positive visioning - breathing and eye-contact exercises - reading handouts - focused dyadic processes - and shared creative enactments of new, positive ways of interacting. Time may also be taken to identify, explore and put to rest, as fully as possible, feelings and issues from either individual's past which may be intruding into the relationship.

The advantage of working with a married couple is that we represent both male and female viewpoints and provide a range of empathic responses based on our respective trainings, personal histories and the rich saga of our own 25-year relationship. We both have deep faith in people's lovableness and ability to love, and are honored to help relationships heal and flourish.

Benefits You May Experience

About the Therapists

Bruce has a Ph.D. in psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and family therapist. He has been in practice for 24 years and has led groups, therapist trainings and workshops in Integrative Psychotherapy in various parts of this country and in England.

Pamela has trained in presence-oriented relationship therapy, Integrative Mindbody Therapy and bereavement counseling, and has a background in education. She has been working with couples for seven years.

A couple wrote: "Pam and Bruce are empathetic, yet challenging. They offer different individual perspectives, which creates a dynamic educational climate for the client. They are genuinely present emotionally and intuitively during sessions and bring caring energy. The balance of male-female energy has been invigorating. They helped us get to the core of issues."

Formats Offered

Couples sessions - workshops - evening seminars.

Please call 549-7166 for low-cost initial consultation.
Our office is in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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