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My clients frequently refer to their work with me as "claiming my life and living it" or "finding and freeing the human spirit". It is true that I delight in helping people find a path in life that "has a heart" for them. It is also true that I greatly respect the urgency and importance of less lofty problems such as relationship difficulties, abuse, career limitations, depression, anxiety, stress, marriage and family difficulties, sexual issues, divorce, compulsive behaviors, money, self esteem, authority, assertiveness, boredom, and joylessness.

To help people find and then realize their goals for life or relationship, I bring a unique mix of spirit, structure, practicality and presence that is highly relational, effective and unique. Many people have commented: "I like working with you because you are a real person and treat me as a real person too." I work with you and for you in an authentic relationship where respect, compassion, boundaries, and mutuality provide the structure for work that makes a big difference and lasts.

Couples particularly need a relationally based therapeutic approach with a strong emphasis on communication along with an understanding of the interlocking patterns and needs conflicts that cause resentment and block communications. They are a part of every couples dynamic and at the deepest of levels this is where lasting emotional change occurs. By working in a relational style and in the context of your particular relationship very significant shifts in the quality of relationship occur.

Group therapy is a highly effective way to do some of the most lasting and deepest work. My groups are for adult women and men and provide a safe yet challenging environment where people form highly supportive and healthy relationships that they experience as a warm and accepting healthy family. In that environment people dare to make profound changes that would otherwise be impossible.

My practice is full time and includes three on-going groups. I work extensively with couples, individuals and families, consult for businesses and schools, and provide workshops and personal growth weekends. I remain dedicated to my own ongoing growth and training having worked with ITAA clinical masters in California and Boston for more than 15 years. I am an active member of the United States Transactional Analysis Association and the United States Transactional Analysis Association and am licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

North Valley Therapy provides psychotherapy and counseling in the Amherst - Northampton Massachusetts area for couples, individuals and families. Ged Bryon is a seasoned psychotherapist who can help you with a wide range of difficulties. Call 413-256-1855 for more information.




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