Gentle Yoga

for People with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,
CFIDS and other Physical Limitations

Yoga is a time-honored practice for healing and sustaining the body, mind and spirit. It helps alleviate many symptoms of chronic illness such as anxiety, headaches and muscle tension while building strength, flexibility and stamina. Neither illness, disability nor inexperience need prohibit one from enjoying these benefits. Yoga may be modified to meet the needs of all. Yoga is non-competitive and arises from within. It brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. As an exploration of movement and breath, Yoga is powerful medium for individual healing.

Some of the techniques you will learn:

Gentle Stretches

Restorative Postures

Deep Breathing

Somatic Awareness

Body Scan


Lovingkindness Meditation

Setting Limits and Boundaries

Identifying Self-Talk
in a supportive group environment
with individualized attention

The Teachers

Lucy and Pru developed this class out of their conviction that yoga has brought them great healing and relief from CFIDS/FM. Pru brings to the class the gentle, flowing postures of Kripalu Yoga while Lucy offers the deep restorative postures of Iyengar Yoga. These complementary styles offer an effective approach to symptom relief while gently catalyzing the natural healing processes of the body. They both draw on their training as mental health counselors in leading therapeutic groups.

Pru Smith, M.S. is a wholistic Psychosynthesis Counselor and is in the final phase of certification as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher. A graduate of the the UMass Medical Stress Reduction Program and a skilled and compassionate facilitator, she brings years of personal experience with both yoga and FM/CFIDS to her healing practice.

Lucy Hemmendinger, M.Ed. is a Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher whose healing work is informed by her on-going committment to Iyengar Yoga, Meditation and Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Drawing on her background as a visual artist and dancer, she brings both creativity and compassion to her work. She is still dancing.

Lucy and Pru both offer counseling for individuals and groups living with illness.

Classes in Greenfield, Amherst and Holyoke areas

for further information contact:

Lucy Hemmendinger - 413/256-1098 or

Pru Smith - 508/544-6347

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