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Pamela Jeffreys
(413) 549-7166

The Challenge

A deeply loving and satisfying relationship  with a life partner is a profound challenge. The habits of thought, belief, and behavior which keep one apart from the experience of one's own radiant and awake nature also keeps one apart from one's partner. An evolving, alive relationship with one's partner requires an evolving, alive relationship with oneself. The dynamic aliveness which results when two people are committed to really being together  with courageous and open-hearted curiosity and, at the same time, are wakefully in touch  with all the obstacles to love as they arise, ignites love into its full radiance and healing power.

The Joy and Challenge
Enlightened Partnership

A practical eight-session course for couples

Explore ~

Sessions will include discussion, short lecture, individual and relational exercises and explorations.

Homework will include readings, self-awareness and self-knowledge explorations, and relational experimentation.

To apply for The Joy and Challenge of Enlightened Partnership, please call 549-7166. You will be sent questionnaires, and a more in-depth course description to help you further determine if this course meets your interests and needs.

Low pilot cost is $160 per couple. North Amherst. Limited to six couples.

Other Courses

Other courses for couples and individuals will also be offered . If this particular course does not seem like a good match for you, I would like to know what your interests are and welcome your suggestions.

The Facilitator

Beginning with deep longing as a young child for my own parents to behold each other as the beautiful individuals they were, I have dedicated myself to discovering the art of loving relationship. My current marriage of twenty-five years began in 1972 with a powerful Neo-Reichian therapy process which included a pioneering approach to conscious relationship. Since the beginning, our relationship has been and continues to be a vessel for dynamic and joyful exploration of what it can be to be a couple.


For the past seven years, my husband and I have been working as a team with couples. In addition to my work and study as a couples therapist, I've also had training in bereavement counseling (Baystate Pediatric Bereavement Program), Integrative Mindbody Therapy with Bruce Brown, Ph.D. (my husband) and Presence-Centered Psychotherapy with John Welwood, Ph.D., (author of Journey of the Heart  and Love and Awakening).


* I also work with individuals, specializing in
presence-centered process and relationship counseling.

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