Seeds of Transformation
Susan Marie Iellamo

Integrative Therapist
Individuals, Children, Couples & Groups


25 Main St. 3rd Floor
Northampton, MA 01060

My Approach

The intention of my work is to assist my clients to reclaim the wholeness and joy of their being. I utilize the connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit to promote a deeply integrative healing experience. The techniques that I use will support and empower you in your own process. In this way, you become able to access the wisdom and healing potential within your own being.

It is my choice to honor your unique healing process. Each session is individually designed to address your needs in the moment and your intention for your healing. I draw from traditional and intuitive approaches and utilize techniques ranging from expressive and emotionally oriented therapies to physical and body-centered healing. I create a loving, safe and sacred space to facilitate a deeply transformative journey.

In what ways can you benefit?

Whether your issues are manifesting on an emotional, physical, spiritual or relational level I can assist you to access and resolve the suppressed emotion, trauma, subconscious belief systems or behavioral patterns that keep you stuck in perspectives or patterns that no longer serve you. You will release the stored energy and tension on the physical level and feel lighter and freer in your body. Physical symptoms begin to dissipate and a new sense of health, balance and wellness become a natural state of being. You will gain awareness, understanding and insight into your patterns of behavior and ways of being that keep you from manifesting your true nature and potential. You become a more fully alive, freely expressive and joyful spirit .

Change Happens Quickly!

By utilizing techniques that create such a deeply healing experience, growth and change happens with an ease and grace that seems effortless. Many of my clients who have experienced years of other therapies have achieved miraculous results beginning with the first session.

Who can benefit?

Healing can happen at any and all stages of your life, whether you are young or old, consider yourself healthy, ill or even dying. Their is no limit to the level of consciousness and healing that you can experience. I can work with any issue or illness, nothing is too large or too small. There is divine perfection and inspiration within all of us, and this is what I assist clients to experience. Once in touch with the core essence of your being life becomes a gift of adventure and love. Peace of mind and heart becomes your moment to moment experience.

Services Offered

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Transforming the Seeds of the Soul

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