Susan Marie Iellamo
Seeds of Transformation

Integrative Therapist
Working with infants, children, adolescents and adults

25 Main St. 3rd Floor
Northampton, MA 01060

(413) 586-5685

My work with children is guided by the needs of their gentle souls. Whether your child is working with emotional, behavioral or physical challenges we can establish healthier patterns and assist their growth and healing. Some of the common issues and illnesses I can help your child with are: divorce, emotional withdrawal, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, asthma and respiratory problems and stomach and intestinal disorders (see additional listings below).

As children develop, they are both fragile and flexible. Often, single moments in time can create lifetime patterns that keep them from freely expressing their whole selves. At other times they seem unscathed by things that we expect may crush them. Often, an event which is experienced as traumatic to the child, may not appear obvious and can even go unnoticed by others. We must also recognize that we cannot fully prevent or control the wounding of our children; we must allow them the freedom to live fully. Finding the delicate balance with this can sometimes be confusing and challenging.

Children maintain their flexibility, resiliency and freedom despite the challenges they face. Their healing is most often quicker than that of adults and yet if issues go unaddressed they will likely magnify as the child grows.

I can assist your child to regain his/her wonder, creativity, spontaneity and open, loving and joyful nature. I can also help her/him to establish healthier boundaries, patterns of behavior and communication and to stay in touch with the essence of who s/he is.

Give your children the gift you never had. The loving attention and healing they receive now can help them lead healthier lives, emotionally and physically. The relationships and communication patterns they develop will assist them to be more of who they can be. This ultimately will save everyone time and energy and create a healthier family unit.

I draw from traditional and intuitive approaches and utilize techniques ranging from expressive and emotionally oriented therapies to physical and body-centered healing. Sessions are individually designed to honor the uniqueness and specific needs of each child and family.

Services Offered

The following is a partial list of areas
with which I can assist healing.

Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Physical Conditions

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