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Practioner and Service Listing
Page Info & Formatting Options

This page provides information describing the components of a listing page and the formatting options available.

You simply give us your page content, and we will create your listing web page for you. We will add your listing page to the Directory within one week of receiving it (usually sooner).

The best way to give us your page content is to use a word processing program and format your page the way you want it (limited to the formatting options described below), and we will match it as best we can. We support most word processing programs on both the PC and Macintosh. You can then email the file to us as an attachment. If you have any questions on how to do this, please contact us. You can also snail mail a disk or printout of your page to our address (see contact information).

To create your listing we need the following information:

Listing Page Informational Contents

Your listing page contains the following parts:

Title of Listing Page

Your web page includes a title in the title bar of the browser window. Your title can be anything that you want, but it should probably contain your name (or business name) and type of service. There is room for up 70 characters including spaces and punctuation. For example,

"The Psychotherapy Practice of Jayne Marshall" or
"Fountain Farm: Herbs and Organic Foods"

The title of your page will be returned by the Search facility, so it should be descriptive of your practice, service or product.

Full Color Logo or Photograph

Your page may include one full color logo or photograph. This logo or photo will be scanned in for you and added to your page.

The largest dimension of the logo or photo may be up to 2.5 inches. If it is larger than that, it will be proportionally reduced to size. (Note: be careful about small text in your logo. It may not be legible due to the low resolution of computer screens compared to printed material.)

Listing Page Contents

You are given up to 500 words for the contents of your page, and the contents are completely up to you. However, we do recommend that your listing page contains the following information:

Search Facility Note

A search facility exists that can be used to locate a practitioner or business based on finding specific words or phrases on the Directory Listing page. Users may try to find a practitioner or business based on the healing modality used, condition treated and/or practice location. For instance:

Search for: Northampton and trauma

Therefore, it is a good idea to include the kinds of words that may help users to locate you using the search facility.

Listing Page Formatting Options

The format of listing pages will be fairly simple. Though fancy formatting possibilities are possible for web pages, these can take a great deal of time and effort and will not be included in a standard listing page. Simple optional additions are possible, and a more elaborate custom page design can be created at the web page design and consulting rates (see rates page). The standard page formatting options are described here.

The overall layout of your page consists of a banner at the top of the page followed by your page contents followed by the standard footer.

Page Banner

The banner consists of a graphic bar followed by your logo or photo on the left and your name with credentials, title, and subtitle on the right. The banner is finished with another graphic bar.

Here is an example:

Your Logo or photo

goes here

 Mary Martin, MSW, LICSW

Individual and Family Counseling

"The Heart Place"

Page Content Formatting Options

Your actual page content is up to you. Some suggestions for what might be included in your content were given above. This section deals with the formatting options available to you. These options are quite simple.

Text Formatting Options

You cannot control the typeface used for your listing. This is actually controlled by the viewer of your page. However, you can control the size of the font used. Larger text is helpful for section headings.

You can specify the color of header text (larger text used for section headings). Small body text (like in this paragraph will be black). The following colors are available for large text:

Dark purple, blue, light blue, light green, dark green, red, and cranberry.

You can also specify that text be boldface, italic or both. Note: sometimes italic text can be hard to read.

Paragraph Formatting Options

You can left justify a paragraph or center it. Right justification is not available. You can also indent your text (like we have been doing all along on this page).

You can also have "bullet" lists:

or numbered lists:

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

These kinds of lists are useful for clearly presenting the services you provide, the conditions you deal with, and the healing modalities you use.

Bullet and/or numbered lists may be listed in a two color format like so:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

Note: two column format is limited to these lists. Two column format is not available for text paragraphs.

Section Dividers

It can be helpful to separate your page into logical sections. To help sections visually stand out you can use horizontal divider lines:

Standard Page Footer

All listing pages will have the same footer at the bottom of the page. The footer is the same as the one at the bottom of this page plus a "visit counter."

The visit counter keeps track of the number of visitors to your page from the date it was installed. This way you can keep track of how many people look at your page over time. It can be helpful to compare your number of visits with other practitioners in the same category. If other people are getting more visits in a similar time period, then you might consider changing your 25 word introduction on the category page, since this short description of your services is what entices people to look at your page.

Wrap Up

That is it for your page formatting options. It is quite possible to create a visually appealing page using these options. If you do not feel comfortable specifying any formatting options, we will create your page for you and try to make it clean and easy to read. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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