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Practitioner & Business Search Facility

This search facility allows you to search for practitioners and/or businesses whose listing pages contain specific words or phrases that you specify. It can be a quick and easy way to narrow down your selection using criteria that is helpful to you. Possible helpful criteria might include: location, healing modality, health condition, issue and/or desired change.


  • Search for:  acupuncture Northampton (finding all words)
    This would find acupuncturists located in Northampton.
  • Search for:  depression
    This would find any practitioner that can help with depression.
  • Search for:  creativity life purpose (finding any words)
    This would find practitioners dealing with creativity or life purpose.

One nice thing about the search facility is that by not specifying a healing modality, you may make some interesting discoveries and learn about new treatment possibilities. Have fun and experiment.

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