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Health Article Submission Info

Periodically, Healing Hearts, Healing Hands will be publishing health related articles on a variety of topics covering the Body, Mind and Spirit. These articles are intended to be helpful in practical ways, addressing issues of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Article Publication Requirements

  1. As can be seen from the introduction, we are looking for articles that will be directly helpful to our readers. Articles may describe new treatment modalities and how they can be applied to common problems. Articles may start with a problem or condition and describe a variety of approaches for dealing with it. We are interested in a wide range of topics as long as the article is informative and helpful.
  2. The tone of an article should be informative; it should not sound like an advertisement.
  3. Once an article is published, it will stay on the web site indefinitely. New articles will be inserted before older articles. This way your article will continue to be available to readers, and you will get ongoing exposure.
  4. Articles will be cross referenced to your listing in the directory (you must be listed in the directory in order to have an article published).
  5. Note: we do not offer payment for articles. Articles are intended to increase the author's visibility to the public.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your articles in electronic form. We can except most word processing files from the PC or the Macintosh. You can also submit an article as email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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