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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Forum

A Place to Help and Be Helped

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) is a mysterious and often debilitating disease, and its causes are not understood. This condition, which also goes by the name of fibromyalgia, is characterized by debilitating fatigue (experienced as exhaustion and extremely poor stamina), neurological problems, and a variety of flu-like symptoms.

The core symptoms include excessive fatigue, general pain, mental fogginess, and often gastro-intestinal problems. Many other symptoms may also be present including: fatigue following stressful activities, headaches, sore throat, sleep disorders, abnormal temperature and others.

The degree of severity can differ widely among patients, and will also vary over time for the same patient. Severity can vary between getting unusually fatigued following stressful events, to being totally bedridden and completely disabled. The symptoms will tend to wax and wane over time. This variation, in addition to the fact that the cause of the disease is not yet known, makes this illness difficult to diagnose.

Sufferers of this bewildering condition often experience difficult emotional challenges as well, including frustration with the medical establishment, depression, hopelessness and despair.

This forum provides an opportunity to ask questions, share our experiences with CFIDS and to give and receive support and help. You are not alone.

For your convenience, there is an option, when posting your question to the forum, to be notified by email when you get a response.

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